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NOTICE TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS:  At last our long planned retirement is upon us.  Our stock is very low and as parts are sold out they will not be replaced.  Orders will be filled as long as stock lasts.  This web page will be taken down soon. 

After 40 years of serving the Tornado foosball community,

we thank you for your business and support.


 Order securely online or call your order in: 336-210-1194



BOGO - 2 ounce silicone - While supplies last.

ITSF Wraps - $2.00 - Whille supplies last. 

For your Club and Local Tournament Tracking try TrueFoos



 We CANNOT trace or file a claim with the USPS for THIRTY DAYS from the shipping date!!!!   Use your tracking number at www.usps.com for accurate updates!!!!

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    Thank you for visiting our store.  We appreciate your business.


    Elsewhere: We do not ship outside of the US and Canada.  Rods are no longer available to Canada.