Stretch Goal - Original

Stretch Goal - Original
  • Item #: SGTS


New: Feb. 2014, spacers included to fit Warrior tables! Increase your accuracy and speed! The must-have training tool for players who want to improve their game!  The "Stretch Goal" is a patented training system that helps you learn or improve your pull and push shots with 12 levels of difficulty, from Beginner to Impossible. Use this training device every day, and you will have a lightning fast pull shot in 8 weeks. Easy to install and use.  The corners of the goal are the hardest areas to defend. The "Practice Plate" snaps in front of the goal to help you practice more accurate corner shots. It will improve the accuracy of your pull, push, rollover/snake, pull-kick, push-kick, euros, and most other shots. Instructions included in kit.

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